Traditional Herbalism

 Hands-on, Heart-felt and Home-based

~ Hands -On ~

Traditional Herbalists gather and grow their own healing plant medicines and nutritious foods from wild places and their own backyard gardens. Plants are our beloved friends and gentle neighbours and in gathering and growing our own herbs with own our hands we are honouring plants for their sacred purpose on Earth.

~ Home-Based ~
Traditional Herbalists honour the ancient tradition of the "Hearth". High quality herbal medicines and nourishing foods are prepared at home. Healing is delivered from home to home, door to door, neighbour to neighbour, community to community…. healing roots traveling across the planet.

~ Heart-Felt ~
Traditional Herbalists believe Love is the most powerful medicine of all.
 Food and medicine is grown, gathered and prepared with Love. Love is the secret ingredient in all of our preparations. We love what we do and we love sharing what we do with you!