Herbal Learning

At Wild Roots we believe the best way to learn about plants is from the the plants themselves.  Over fifty percent of class time is spent in the field, providing the opportunity to meet with plants up close and personal in their natural habitats.  We roam riverbanks and creek beds, meadows, marshes, fields, forested hillsides and sub-alpine meadows, backyard gardens, and lawns.  Along the way we not only stop to smell the flowers, we also taste and touch ~ learning becomes a total sensory experience!  We also take time to play – splash in the creek, swim in the river, bathe in a waterfall, lie in fields of golden dandelions and sweet smelling clover, rest in cool, shady forest glens.
 The classes in themselves become a healing experience.
Learning objectives are clear and classes are experiential, fun, relaxed and informal while at the same time loaded with information with lots of opportunity for hands-on learning. The participants in our programs come from all walks of life and their knowledge and experience becomes part of the curriculum. 

We offer a wide variety of learning opportunities including:
Certificate programs, Plant Walks and Talks, Medicine Making  Series, Workshop Intensives and Much, Much More. 

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