Certificate Programs 2018

April - Dec 2018

I know I am made from this earth, as my mother's hands were made from this earth, as her dreams came from this earth, and all that I know, I know in this earth.....all that I know speaks to me through this earth, and I long to tell you, you who are earth too, and listen as we speak to each other....of what we know; the light is in us."
~Susan Griffin~

"WOMEN HAVE ALWAYS BEEN HEALERS, but not every society has been able to accept them in that role. Once revered as powerful and necessary for the health of their communities, women healers suffered severe setbacks with the ascendance of male-centered religious and political systems."

Yes, Women have always been healers; from the beginning of time we have nursed the sick, cared for the wounded, prepared medicines and sought cures for all manner of illnesses and injuries. Indeed we excel at taking care of others yet seldom take the time to care for ourselves.

We invite you to join us for an amazing nine month/moon journey of self-care, nourishment and healing as we:
* Reclaim and heal our ancient, sacred past as Wise and Wild Women
* Reclaim and heal our spiritual, mental, emotional and
   physical health
* Renew our relationship with Nature and learn to flow with
   the rythym of our  natural cycles
* Rebirth the role of Woman as Healer

Curriculum Includes:
* Plant walks and talks including the identification and application of
   local plants as food and medicine
* Medicine Making - infusions, teas, baths, compresses, poultices,
   suppositories, tinctures, honeys, elixers, oxymels, oils, salves
* Herbs, Food and Natural Remedies for:
    Hormonal/Reproductive Health
    Bone/Joint Health
    Breast Health
    Mental/Emotional Health
    Digestive Health
    Skin Care/Herbal Cosmetics
* Healing in the Wise Woman Tradition: "nourishment",
   "healing vs curing" and "creating  health vs attacking disease"
* Women's ceremony and ritual
* Creating a personal health plan
* Earth ceremony and ritual
* Celebration feasts
* Waterfall bathing, Sun bathing, Forest bathing
* Camp fires
* Sleeping under the stars
* A three day Wild Woman excursion in the beautiful Shuswap (tbd)
*A certificate will be awarded to participants who attend 8 out of 9 classes and
  complete homework assignments as required.

Open to women of all ages, cultures, professions, herbal experiences

**At Wild Roots we believe that Nature is our greatest teacher, thus we will be spending a considerable amount of time out-doors; indeed the "out-door experience" is an essential and integral part of the learning and healing experience and what makes our classes so unique and life changing. Our classes are held outside unless of courSe the weather is too challenging; our plant forays and walks often lead us off the beaten path to hidden waterfalls and mossy forest glens. Nature  doesn't come with climate control and does come with bugs, thorns and dirt! You can expect at times to get hot, dirty, wet, and perhaps even bug bitten (but we have herbal remedies for whatever we encounter); we can guarantee it will be one of the best experiences of your life!

Dates: One weekend a month (Sat - Sun) April thru to December
April 28/29; May 26/27; June 23/24; July 21/22;
Aug 18/19; Sep 8/9; Oct 13/14; Nov 3/4; Dec 1/2

Cost: $1500
A non-refundable $300 deposit is required upon registration.

Payment Options:
Cash, E-transfer or Cheque, Pay Pal (see purchase classes page to pay with pay pal)

Payment Plan:
A $300 non-refundable deposit is still required if you are making payments. This is credited toward your payments.
3 payments of $433
Please contact us if you have any questions about the payment plan

Graduation Bonfire 2011
Swallowtail Buttefly

Harvesting Skunk Cabbage Roots
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The Mysterious Herbalist

Balsam Root Harvest

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