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"The one and only, original, new and improved version"
Now accepting registrations for 2014

We are excited to be bringing back the one and only, original, new and improved version of "Walk on the Wild Side" (WOWS). Way back, a little over 10 years ago in fact (my how time does indeed fly when you're having fun - and working hard) this was our first certificate program we offered. We had all of 3 students!

It's been a few years that we've offered WOWS on its own, having incorporated components of it into The Home Herbalist and Women's Herbal Intensive programs. As this course is near and dear to my heart, and I miss it, I'm pleased to be offering a "new and improved" version of the original course. We know you will be pleased too! And we would be honoured and pleased if you join us this year too!

WOWS is the perfect introduction to Traditional Herbalism in that the priority and objective of the course is a "practical, hands-on plants in the real" immersion. We learn about plants, plants and more plants; how to properly identify, harvest, properly prepare and use them safely as a delicious foods and healthful medicines. If you have been dabbling in herbs on the internet, or likewise have a lot of "book learning" with limited hands on experience with plants this is the perfect course for you. While online and book learning is a wonderful resource (in fact, we cut our herbal teeth at a time when the internet was barely a glint in the eye of the world wide web and book resources in rural BC were few and far between), there is no better way than to learn about plants from the plants themselves. 

To celebrate the resurgence of  WOWS, we are offering a special invitation to former graduates, as well as students who have studied extensively with us via plant studies and workshops. All former graduates and students, who would like a bit of a refresher, are invited to attend this year's WOWS course and receive a 20% discount on the course. In addition, we would like to offer all new participants a discount of 10%. 

In addition to the original curriculum (see below) we are adding two extra days of learning, a more in depth botany component, and a beefed up "wild foods kitchen" component.

Curriculum Includes:
* Introduction to Traditional Herbalism
* Identification and utilization of over 30 local plants as delicious foods and healthful  medicines
* Field Botany
* Ethical Wildcrafting
* Harvesting and Processing
* Herbal Medicine Making:  Infusions, Decoctions, Tinctures, Oils, Salves, Lotions, Compresses
* Wild Foods Kitchen 
* Plant Journaling
* Herbal Actions and Energetics
* Ethnobotany
* Emergency Herbal First Aid
* Creating a Herbal Apothecary/First Aid Kit

Class format will include lectures, demonstrations with an emphasis on field studies and field trips. Detailed handouts and plant monographs are provided.

Date: April - October. 
 * April Sat and Sun. May Sat. June Sat and Sun. July, August, Sept, Oct - Sat. Sun GraduationSpecific dates will be posted soon.
Time: 10 am - 4 pm 
Cost:  $800 (Payment Plan available. Discounts do not apply to payment plans).
           Former Graduates & long term students will receive a discount of 15%.
           New students will receive a discount of 10%.
           Registration deadline for the discount is February 23.

Please feel free to contact us at bdutot@telus.net or 250-838-6777 for more information. And check out our facebook page Wild Roots Herbs and Wild Roots Herbal Learning Centre to see lots of cool photos.

The Early Days circa 2005


Bringing Health Care Back Home
 ~  Now  accepting registrations for 2013  ~

" The most deeply-rooted, strongest part of the herbalist community and tradition is grass-roots home health. That's how it is everywhere in the world; how it's been passed down throughout the bones of the ancestors. You're a home herbalist, a family herbalist, and that's at the heart of it all."
                                                              Rosemary Gladstar
Imagine being able to take care of your own and your family's basic health care needs with skill and confidence!

Imagine being able to identify the healing plants and weeds growing right out your front door!

Imagine having the skills to make high quality herbal medinces from those same plants for less than half the cost you pay at the store using simple, inexpensive ingredients many of which you already have in your cupboard or fridge!

Imagine being able to prepare nutritious and delicous gourmet foods from those same plants that even the most pickiest eaters will enjoy!

Imagine being able to confidently treat many common complaints such as colds and flu, digestive upsets, cuts and wounds, infections, nervous conditions and more!

In this in-depth, comprehensive program you will learn how to use herbs along with wise woman ways to create health for yourself and your family. 

Curriculum Includes: 
* Introduction to Traditional Herbalism
* Identification and utilization of over 30 local plants
* Field Botany
* Ethical Wildcrafting
* Harvesting and Processing
* Herbal Medicine Making:  Infusions, Decoctions, Tinctures, Oils, Salves, Lotions, Compresses
* Wild Food Foraging
* Plant Journaling

* Ethnobotany
* Field Trips
* Herbal Therapeutics and Glossary
* Herbal Actions and Energetics
* Herbal remedies and treatment strategies for common complaints of the 
   Digestive, Nervous, Respiratory, Immune systems

* Emergency Herbal First Aid
* Creating a Herbal Apothecary/First Aid Kit
* Herbal body/skin care/herbal cosmetics
* Herbs for Babies and Children, Adults and Elders 
* Herbs for Pets
* Growing a Herb Garden tailor made to you family needs
* Herbal cleaning products
*Traditional Nourishing Foods: Lacto Fermented Foods and Beverages (yogurt, keifer, kombucha, cultured 

   veggies, sourdough); Bone broth, Ghee and more
* Creating Family Rituals and Traditions
* Herb suppliers and resources
* Hands-on, experiental learning and more!!

Upon completion of this course, participants will:
Have the knowledge and be empowered to deliver Herbal healing in the  home
  Be able to treat a variety of common complaints with herbal remedies 
  Have the ability to create simple formulas 
  Have a good understanding of Herbal Actions and Therapeutics
  Have created a basic Home Herbal Apothecary/First Aid Kit 
  Have a basic foundation in Traditional Herbalism 
  Be familiar with the edible and medicinal properties of over 30 plants
  Know how to use the 30 plants in a wide variety of therapeutic
  Be familiar with the most commonly used botanical terms
  Be familiar with most commonly used herbal therapeutic terms
  Know how to ethically gather, harvest and preserve plants 
  Know how to prepare and use high quality herbal medicines
  Know how to forage and prepare a variety of delicious and nutritious foods
   from wild edibles 
A certificate will be awarded to participants who attend 8 out of 9 classes and complete homework assignments as required.

Cost: $1200

A non-refundable $200 deposit is required upon registration
Deposit and registration due by March 23.
Please note: Due to the overwhelming response to The Home Herbalist, we are offering two intakes and we are continuing to accept registrations beyond March 23. Please contact us asap if you would like to join us for The Home Herbalist!

Payment Plan Option:
Quarterly payment plan available @ $325 per quarterly payment.
Discounts do not apply to the Payment Plan Option

Dates: One weekend a month (Sat - Sun) April thru to October
            Start Dates: April 20/21


The Womens Herbal Intensive is finished. Not offered in 2013

I know I am made from this earth, as my mother's hands were made from this earth, as her dreams came from this earth, and all that I know, I know in this earth.....all that I know speaks to me through this earth, and I long to tell you, you who are earth too, and listen as we speak to each other....of what we know; the light is in us."
~Susan Griffin~

"WOMEN HAVE ALWAYS BEEN HEALERS, but not every society has been able to accept them in that role. Once revered as powerful and necessary for the health of their communities, women healers suffered severe setbacks with the ascendance of male-centered religious and political systems."

Yes, Women have always been healers; from the beginning of timewe have nursed the sick, cared for the wounded, prepared medicines and sought cures for all manner of illnesses and injuries. Indeed we excel at taking care of others yet seldom take the time to care for ourselves.

We invite you to join us for an amazing nine month/moon journey of self-care, nourishment and healing as we:
* Reclaim and heal our ancient, sacred past as Wise and Wild Women
* Reclaim and heal our individual spirtual, mental, emotional and
   physical health
* Renew our relationship with Nature and learn to flow with
   the rythym of our  natural cycles
* Rebirth the role of Woman as Healer

Curriculum Includes:
* Plant walks and talks including the identification and application of
   local plants as food and medicine
* Medicine Making - infusions, teas, baths, compresses, poultices,
   suppositories, tinctures, honeys, elixers, oxymels, oils, salves
* Herbs (materia medica), Food and Natural Remedies for:
    Hormonal/Reproductive Health
    Bone/Joint Health
    Breast Health
    Mental/Emotional Health
    Digestive Health
    Skin Care/Herbal Cosmetics
* Healing in the Wise Woman Tradition: "nourishment",
   "healing vs curing" and "creating  health vs attacking disease"
* Women's ceremony and ritual
* Creating a personal health plan
* Earth cermeony and ritual
*Celebration feasts
* Moon lodge, Sweat lodge
* Wild berry picking
* Waterfall bathing, Sun bathing, Moon bathing
* Camp fires
* Sleeping under the stars
* A three day Wild Woman back country exursion to the beautiful
   Spectrum Lake in the Monashee Mountains
* And much more!

Open to women of all ages, cultures, professions, herbal experiences,
shapes and sizes**

**At Wild Roots we believe that Nature is our greatest teacher, thus we will be spending a considerable amount of time out-doors; indeed the "out-door experience" is an essential and integral part of the learning and healing experience and what makes our classes so unique and life changing. Our classes are held outside unless of coure the weather is too challenging; our plant forays and walks often lead us off the beaten path to hidden waterfalls and mossy glens. Nature  doesn't come with climate control and does come with bugs, thorns and dirt! You can expect at times to get hot, dirty, wet, and perhaps even bug bitten (but we have herbal remedies for whatever we encounter); we can guarantee it will be one of the best experiences of your life!

Cost: $1200
A non-refundable $200 deposit is required upon registration

Dates: One weekend a month (Sat - Sun) April thru to December
April 21/22; May 19/20 *; June 23/24; July 21/22;
Aug 11/12; Sep 8/9; Oct 13/14; Nov 3/4; Dec 8/9
* May 19/20 tentative

Payments/Discounts and Payment Options:
10% discount for payment made in full ~ $1,080
5% discount if deposit is received by February 29
Deadline for discount has been extended to March 3!

Quarterly payment plan available @ $325 per quarterly payment.
A $200 deposit is still required and will be credited toward the first quarterly payment.

A certificate will be awarded to participants who attend 8 out of 9 classes and complete homework assignments as required.

Download a registration form here

Graduation Bonfire 2011
Swallowtail Buttefly

Harvesting Skung Cabbage Roots
Forest Friends
The Mysterious Herbalist

Balsam Root Harvest

Forest Walkers