Saturday, August 18, 2018

Mugwort and Moonbeams

Mugwort s ~  Medicine Magic and Moonbeams

Join us on the full moon and experience the magic and medicine of Lady Mugwort!

Dine on Mugwort fairy cakes, sip on Mugwort magic potion and make and take home a Mugwort dream bag and balm and let Mugwort guide you safely and gently to the etheric realms. Our dream bags will include Mugwort (Artermesia vulgaris), Lavender, Yarrow and Rose flowers. Our dream balm complements the bag and will include infused oils of Mugwort, Wild Rose, Yarrow and a drop or two of Beautiful Balm of Gilead for extra sweetness.

And because we believe in the power of  practical magic and indeed Mugwort is more than meets the (third) eye we'll...learn all  about her amazing healing medicine as a digestive tonic, hormonal harmonizer, immune defender...just to mention a few.

Date: Aug 26
Time: 1:00 - 4:00 pm
Place: Enderby area ~ specific location tba
Cost:  $50Pre-register and Payment  Required by Aug 24. 

Payment by e-transfer, cheque, cash or PayPal. See payment page for paypal.