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Nestled in the beautiful Shuswap River Valley in Enderby, BC, the Wild Roots Herbal Learning Centre is located at the confluence of two major and very diverse eco-systems - the arid Southern Interior and the lush Southern Interior Mountains (commonly called the Interior wet belt). The two regions combined contain well over half of the fourteen climate zones represented in the province. The result - a diverse and varied landscape - from riparian wetlands and old growth rainforests to dry, desert plateaus, open fields and meadows, mixed deciduous and coniferous forests and sub-alpine forests abundant in plant and wildlife. 

This landscape is both classroom and teacher as we discover the healing power of plants.
The archetype of Herbalist - Wise Woman, Medicine Woman, Medicine Man, Shaman - is universal and speaks to many, reminding us of our deep and wild connection to the Earth ~ stirring a memory deep within our collective consciousness. 

Do you remember a time when  the intuitive knowledge that comes from closely watching the seasons,
 living close to the earth and carefully listening to the relationships among living things, guided the decisions you made….about health, about healing, about living?

It is time to remember, to awaken and reclaim your ancient healing roots.

                        Reclaiming the Traditional Roots of Herbalism
Classes, Workshops and Certificate Programs in Traditional Herbalism
                             Promoting Health and Healing the Wise Woman Way

We are currently having some problems with our website...this is our old site. We hope to have things resolved soon. In the meantime, if you have any questions about classes please send an email to wildrootsherb@gmail.com 
or give us a call at 250-838-6777