Thursday, June 14, 2018

Important notice for Medicine Making and Plant Immersion Participants!

The new venue for the Medicine Making and Plant Immersion is the Kingfisher Interpretive Centre. KIC is a beautiful site 25 km east of Enderby on the banks of the Shuswap River (on Mabel Lake Rd approx a 25 min drive from Enderby). The site has a rich and diverse flora and home to a Chinook salmon hatchery and environmental education centre. Here's a link

There is a well run and well kept forestry camp ground - Cooke Creek - adjacent to KIC for those who might want to camp over. A 5 min easy walking trail connects KIC to the campground.

See you soon!

Sunday, June 3, 2018

So...I read a post on the internet the other day about a natural tooth powder. The main ingredient was horsetail. I did a little online search and discovered many more posts advocating horsetail as an ingredient and a "remineralizing" agent for the teeth.
Please not use horsetail as an ingredient in your toothpastes/powders!! It is highly's mostly silica for (think sand and glass) and it will wear the enamel off your teeth faster than you can say equisetum arvense! It was used to polish pewter for goodness sake. I've used horsetail to clean pots that had food burned on so bad nothing would get rid the crud except horsetail. So...if horsetail can do that, think what it's going to do to your teeth. need to drink horsetail to receive the benefits of minerals.
I've been doing extensive research - lots of hands on experience and reading - due to my own dental issues.
If you want to incorporate horsetail into your home dental hygiene practices I do recommend horsetail as 1) a mouthwash/rinse it is an astringent (will help to tone boggy soggy gum tissue), a stypic (stop bleeding) and a vulnerary (heals tissue) and 2) prepare and drink as an infusion for the high mineral content (silica). Simply prepare your infusion for drinking and then use that same infusion as a mouth rinse. Easy peasy. I've also just chewed up fresh horsetail and applied as a dental pack for inflamed and infected gum tissue and it works very nicely.
 Horsetail for many reasons - it's a living fossil! Horsetail is one of the plants we'll be studying during the Medicine Making/Plant Immersion weekend June 23/24. 
There are only a few spots left in the course so if you're thinking about signing up you better hurry!

Monday, May 21, 2018

Herbal Medicine Making and Plant Immersion June 23, 24

Hello Plant Lovers!

Wowza! How many shades of green can you count right now! It is such a beautiful Flower Moon this year.

Head on over to the Classes page and read all about our upcoming Herbal Medicine Making and Plant Immersion weekend June 23, 24 at the Mabel Lake Hall. We love this venue! Quiet, secluded, right by the beautiful Shu and holy moly, what great kitchen facilities. It's the perfect place for a weekend of herbal learning with other like minded plant lovers. Hope you can make it.

Love and Plants,


Monday, April 30, 2018

Update April 30:

Yes! We are having a Plant party! You are cordially invited to join myself, other plant lovers along with Violet, Nettle and Dandelion this Saturday, May 5.

May 6, we are heading out to Lumby for  Nettle Plant Study at the Mabel Lake Community Hall.

Details available on the Classes 2018 page here.

Hey Plant Lovers!

I may be offering a couple of plant walks this weekend.

Violets on Saturday and Nettles on Sunday. Violets would just about be over by now and we'd already be harvesting Nettles but the late Spring has set them back a bit. It makes scheduling a bit challenging.

I'm off to check on both a little later today so check back later.

Thursday, April 12, 2018

Hello Plant Lovers!

It's time to get out and play with plants!

I am offering two short notice classes in the next week: Cottonwood this Sunday April 15 and a Lovin' Lichen Plant Study April 19. Click on the link to get all the deets about both classes. Hope to see you at one, the other or both!
Cottonwood and Lovin' Lichen Plant Studies click here

Update: I've just added an online payment system via pay pal if you prefer to online. You can pay using pay pal, credit card or debit so you don't need a pay pal account. Just go to the Purchase Classes page.

Love and Plants,